Groove shaping

With the Eppinger shaping device, you can produce shapes such as grooves, chamfers, Torx, internal and external splines or internal hexagon in a single clamping operation.

Unnecessary changeover times are eliminated, your production costs are reduced and your machine is protected at the same time.


Your advantages with the Eppinger shaping device - overview:


  • Whether internal hexagon, Torx, serration, involute toothing, chamfers or grooves – with the Eppinger shaping device, one clamping is sufficient for all machining forms.


  • The bearing is equipped with permanent grease lubrication. Very protecting production process compared to conventional methods, the availability of your machine increases.


  • Since most changeover times are eliminated, you increase your production speed and can increase your production – at up to 1000 strokes per minute.


  • The downtimes of your CNC machine are reduced, and profitability increases.