Gear hobbing

External gears require a high degree of tool accuracy.
With the Eppinger gear hobbing device, complex geared parts can be manufactured economically in the tightest of spaces.

This guarantees an extremely precise and fast work process.


Your advantages with the Eppinger gear hobbing device - overview:


  • For maximum precision, the Eppinger gear-cutting device has particularly stable bearings and an additional support flange.


  • For straight and helical gears, the swivel angle can be continuously adjusted up to +/-20°.


  • With a maximum input speed of 5000 rpm, a 2:1 gear ratio and a maximum output torque of 45 Nm, this device brings enough power even for demanding materials.


  • Various milling arbour holders are available for external gears.


  • Complete gear parts in one clamping, quickly and efficiently. This turns your machine into an all-rounder.