Sometimes it’s just the smallest droplets that make a big difference.

The innovative application with Nanolube is intended to lubricate and cool the bearing of the tool holder in an interval-like and targeted manner.

The heat is dissipated in a controlled manner, the punctual and precisely adapted protection increases the longevity (service life) of the tool.

The thermal fluctuations that often occur in CNC production are a great improvement thanks to NANOLUBE – the precision solution for tool lubrication and tool cooling.


Your advantages with NANOLUBE - overview:

More precision:

  • The aerosol lubrication dissipates the heat generated in the machining process and thus counteracts heat-related manufacturing inaccuracies. This leads to higher precision.


  • Spray frequency and lubrication pulses are set automatically. The exact dosage protects against wearout.

Higher productivity:

  • The tools can now perform high-precision work even in continuous operation, at very high speed.


  • The internal overpressure due to the aerosol lubricant protects against penetrating moisture and dirt. This increases the service life of the tool drive and driven tool.
  • Our Nanolube - can clearly minimise the thermal fluctuations that frequently occur in CNC production.


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