Experience the absolute world first - QUICK-LOCK BMT®.

This allows tool holder (BMT) to be automatically clamped and unclamped in just a few seconds by just pushing a button.

Until now, changing BMT tool holder on a turret of a lathe or turning/milling centre has increased setup time and changeover risk due to operator intervention. With our QUICK-LOCK BMT® clamping system, the BMT tool change has now been automated throughout. All it takes now is pushing a button and QUICK-LOCK BMT® locks or unlocks the BMT tool holder in less than four seconds. As an optional 4.0 adaptation, the clamping system can also be operated by means of an industrial robot and the mould turret can be loaded fully automatically as a result.


Your advantages:

  • Tool holder according to the world-renowned BMT interface
  • Simplified access to the exchange station is always provided
  • Several turrets can also be equipped from the same field office
  • The holder change is possible manually and automatically
  • In the case of automatic changeover, only one tool holder magazine is required
  • The clamping position is controlled via the machine control, as a consequence no incorrect clamping possible
  • Very high clamping force of approx. 180 kN
  • Insensitive to vibrations that occur during machining
  • Applicable for all BMT tool holders (fixed and driven WH)
  • The tool holder head can be freely designed, because clamping takes place directly on the shank
  • Changeover time less than 10 seconds
  • High changeover/voltage reliability, as no external components are required, system is operator-independent
  • High availability due to simple, safe clamping mechanism.
  • Less changeover errors, as the holder is only exchanged at one and the same turret station
  • Increased process reliability in combination with Industry 4.0

For increased productivity, the turret and the tool system are matched to each other as a unit