With our PRECI-FLEX® system, you will experience the first tooling system that gets by with only one basic holder for the collet chuck as well as numerous tooling adapters tailored to your needs.

Our modular system from Eppinger opens up completely new possibilities for you in terms of precision, rigidity, flexibility and economical efficiency. Its interface is based on the well-known standard collet chuck ER according to DIN 6499.


Other advantages:

  • The taper/flat contact interface ensures maximum accuracy and rigidity.
  • Regardless of whether you want to clamp your cutting tool by using a collet chuck, cylinder clamping (e.g. Weldon), hydraulic expansion clamping technology, cutter holder (e.g. DIN 6358) or shrinking technology, all products can be inserted in just one basic holder.
  • By using tools that are pre-set in parallel with the machine runtime, the machine changeover time is reduced considerably.
  • You get full flexibility because our PRECI-FLEX® can be used for both driven and fixed tools.
  • The extremely compact design ensures optimum power transmission and system rigidity. This gives you the advantage of higher workpiece accuracies, longer tool life, lower tooling costs and therefore improved productivity.