Eppinger PSC

The tooling system with the shortest PSC interface in the world – suitable for all standard PSC holders.

With the short PSC interface, this system offers plenty of scope – even for large workpieces.
In addition, the compact design increases system rigidity and as a result workpiece accuracy. And thanks to the convenient one-hand operation, tools can be changed in a very short time.

Manual clamping sets for PSC tools are clamped with spring force and differentiate from many other clamping solutions. Due to this feature, the clamping force is independent of the actuating torque.


Your advantages with Eppinger PSC - overview:


The short PSC interface guarantees optimum force transmission, high system rigidity and thus greater workpiece accuracy.


By using tools that are pre-set in parallel with the machine running time, the machine changeover time is reduced to almost zero. Expensive machine downtimes are avoided.


The cone/flat contact interface ensures maximum accuracy and rigidity.


Very easy one-hand operation without special tools, easily accessible controls on the front and thanks to the automatic ejection function, tools can be changed in the shortest possible time.


It can be used for both driven and fixed tool holder.


Short changeover times and high accuracy increase your productivity and minimize your unit costs.